Förderverein Kunstmuseum Thun

The Förderverein  (Society of Friends) supports the Kunstmuseum Thun and the Thun-Panorama on all matters: by purchasing important works for the collection, with contributions for ambitious publications and exhibitions. The Förderverin is a lively society that organises guided tours, art trips or encounters with artists so as to facilitate a more intensive engagement with art for its members.

© Foto: Christoph Müller

© Foto: KMT

The Förderverein was founded in 1959 under the name „Vereinigung der Freunde der Kunstsammlung Thun„ with the aim of supporting the museum's collecting activities. As a result, a number of major works could be acquired. The works acquired by the Förderverein are entrusted to the museum on permannt loan and thus made accessible to the general public. The Förderverein works closely with the museum director. It also helps to make the Kunstmuseum Thun additionally attractive by its special contributions towards extraordinary exhibitions or publications. Thus the Förderverein plays an important role in securing a prominent position for the Kunstmuseum Thun and its Collection in the Swiss museum landscape.

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Förderverein Kunstmuseum Thun
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Bylaws of the Society of Friends:

Bylaws in German [PDF / 19.1 KB]

Kunstreise Kopenhagen, 2016, Foto: Christoph Müller

Kunstreise Davos, 2016

Kunstreise Davos, 2016

Kunstreise Davos, 2016