Aeschlimann Corti Scholarship

Exhibition view Aeschlimann Corti-Stipendium 2007

27. April – 20. May 2007


The Bernische Kunstgesellschaft will again be presenting the Louise Aeschlimann and Margareta Corti Scholarship in 2007. This is one of the most important scholarships on offer for artists in the Canton of Berne. It has been awarded since 1942. Like last year, the sum of SFr 70,000 will be awarded for the best works.

The Louise Aeschlimann and Margareta Corti Scholarship involves two stages, which this year will take place at the Kunstmuseum Thun, which is also the venue for the exhibition. Artists who have either lived for a least one year in the Canton of Berne or are entitled to live in the Canton of Berne can participate in the competition. Participation is restricted to artists up to the age of 40 (born 1967).

In the first stage, the artists enter a documentation with their curriculum vitae to the jury. On the basis of these documents the jury selects the artists for the second stage. The winners of the scholarships and of the promotional prizes are selected from the circle of those invited and works to be shown in the exhibition are chosen.

The Members of this year’s jury are Holger Hoffmann (Bernische Kunstgesellschaft), Susanne Kulli (Chairperson Aeschlimann Corti Scholarship), Christoph Lichtin (Collections Curator Kunstmuseum Luzern), Mario Sala (Artist) und Madeleine Schuppli (Director Kunstmuseum Thun).

Manuel Burgener (*1978), Marco Eberle (*1968), Rainer Eisch (*1967), Marianne Flotron (*1970), Marco Giacomoni (*1971), Stefan Guggisberg (*1980) , Raphael Hefti (*1976) , Claude Hohl (*1973), Dagmar Keller (*1972) / Martin Wittwer (*1969), Gabriela Löffel (*1972) / Hauptpreis, Brigitte Lustenberger (*1969), Annaïk Lou Pitteloud (*1980), Pascal Robert (*1978), Pamela Rosenkranz (*1979), Ana Roldan (*1977), Judith Schönenberger (*1977) , Francisco Sierra (*1977), Julia Steiner (*1982) / Hauptpreis, Kathrin Stengele (*1968) / Förderpreis, Egle Vido (*1980), Urs Zahn (*1976)