Anne-Julie Raccoursier

Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Filmstill

3. November – 4. December 2005

Projektraum Enter

Effaroucheur is the French word for scarecrow, something which frightens off birds and other harmful animals. The sirens are small practical scarecrows that give off a digital sound that is intended to keep birds away not just from orchards, but also from airports, for example, and there in particular from the jets of airplanes.

In the video by artist Anne-Julie Raccoursier we see neither birds nor airplanes. What the peaceful images show are interlocking buildings made of wood and cement. The only actor seems to be a lift ascending and descending. In between, we glimpse veiled cars whose silk gowns turn them into strange treasures. The sound track is reminiscent of a stringed instrument in need of tuning, interspersed with airplane sounds and – in actual fact – the cawing of a bird. It is the sound of the Effaroucheur near a large airport.

Anne-Julie Raccoursier loves assemblages, but instead of constructing them herself, she seeks them in reality. In her view, her works are consistent when the audience is deceived and regards her found real objects as collages or artistic manipulation. Yet Effaroucheur is not a documentary film about architecture in the Alpine region. With her filmic work Anne-Julie Raccoursier does not aim primarily to document but rather to comment on our time, in the rhythm of the moving image.

Anne-Julie Raccoursier (*1974) studied at the Ecole Superieur d'Art Visual in Geneva and continued her training in Los Angeles with a Master Postgraduate at the California Institute of the Arts in Critical Studies / Integrated Media. She lives and works in Lausanne and Geneva.