Collecting glimpses 6
A neighborhood chooses art works from the collection of the Art Museum

Exhibition view Blicke sammeln 6

Exhibition view Blicke sammeln 6

25. July – 30. August 2009

Projektraum Enter

With the project Collecting Glimpses, the Kunstmuseum Thun has travelled new paths. Based primarily on the idea that the collection of the museum belongs to the people of the region, the idea was developed to invite groups to compile exhibitions from the collection. So far exhibitions have been organised by the See Club Thun, child psychologists, Mädchenarbeit Thun, a group with migration background, the visually impaired as well as a community in Gwatt. As the seventh and for the time being the last group, people with mental impairment were called upon to collect glimpses and compile their exhibition. Let’s be surprised by what they find interesting and exciting!

Partner: SILEA, foundation for integrated life and work.