Exhibition view Sammlung 2005

Exhibition view Sammlung 2005

4. February – 3. April 2005


Following on "Ver-sammlung", the "Liaisons-Collections" I and II, and "Gesammelte Landschaften", in the exhibition "Sammlung" the museum presented a varied cross-section through its collection. Compared to other cities, Thun was relatively late in building up an art collection; the museum itself was not founded until the 1940s. Nevertheless, it can certainly stand comparison with other museums. Despite a number of unavoidable gaps, "Sammlung" provided the opportunity to view the most important art trends in the 20th century on the basis of the museum's stocks. This excursion through Swiss art passed from Cubism, to Expressionism to Surrealism and Pop Art. In more recent years, the museum's purchasing commission has increasingly focused on contemporary positions and thus given the collection of future-orientated thrust. As a result, the exhibition could show an exciting selection of recent works.

The Kunstmuseum Thun collects art for the benefit of a broader public, so collecting cannot just mean filling tis storerooms, it also means putting the stocks on view. The significance of those works only becomes manifest through the encounter with the public, through scrutiny and comparison, through dialogue with other artworks.

This exhibition illustrated the meaning of continual collecting activities. This continuity is facilitated by the dedication of private collectors, to whom the museum is grateful for works on loan and donations. Of particular importance is the Förderverein Kunstmseum Thun, which has been supporting the museum for more than 40 years and enriched the collection through decisive acquisitions.

Artists in the exhibition:
Cuno Amiet (CH 1868-1961), Maurice Barraud (CH 1889-1954), Marianne Baumann (CH *1937), Arnold Brügger (CH 1888-1975), Balthasar Burkhard (CH *1944), Reto Camenisch (CH *1958), Erik Dettwiler (Finnland *1970), Bendicht Fivian (CH *1940), Johann Peter Flück (CH 1902-1954), Franz Gertsch (CH *1930), Wilhelm Gimmi (CH 1886-1965), Alfred Glaus (CH 1890-1971), Regula Hadorn (CH *1945), Christian Helmle (CH*1952), Martha Herzog (CH *1948), Burkhard Hilty (CH *1929), Ferdinand Hodler (CH 1853-1918), Johannes Itten (CH 1888-1967), Margrit Jäggli (CH 1941-2003), Jakob Jenzer (CH *1953), Paul Klee (CH 1879-1940), Reto Leibundgut (CH *1966), Christian Marclay (USA *1955), Chantal Michel (CH *1968), Max von Moos (CH 1903-1979), Otto Morach (CH 1887-1973), Ernst Morgenthaler (CH 1887-1962), Claudia & Julia Müller (CH *1964 & 1965), Karim Noureldin (CH *1967), Meret Oppenheim (D 1913-1985), Werner Ritter (CH *1933), Albert Schnyder (CH 1898-1989), Hans Stalder (CH *1957), Peter Stämpfli (CH *1937), Dominik Stauch (CH *1962), Fred Stauffer (CH 1892-1980), Viktor Surbek (CH 1885-1975), Gottfried Tritten (CH *1923), Otto Tschumi (CH 1904-1985), Willi Waber (CH 1915-1999), Bendicht Walthert (CH *1961), Walter Kurt Wiemken (CH 1907-1940), Peter Willen (CH *1941) and others

Collection catalogue (German/English), edited by Madeleine Schuppli, Kunstmuseum Thun, ISBN 3-906537-15-3, price CHF 36.–