Egle Vido

Egle Vido 2007

27. April – 20. May 2007

Projektraum Enter

In October 2006, Egle Vido (*1980) was invited to an event in the series "ZOOM" by the Förderverein Kunstmuseum Thun. The guests at the event were asked to present flowers to the artist, who lives in Thun. Egle Vido transformed each of these presents into an image which she in turn presented to the participants. The focus of the event was thus a giving-and-taking with performance character, a universal gesture of giving. Over the course of two weeks Egle Vido produced her paintings in ink and acrylic. Some of these are very reduced, reminiscent of Asian flower painting, works in black-and-white; others are bright baroque like works in exuberant colours. The results of this project will now be shown in the Project room enter: Egle Vido's flower paintings in ink and acrylic. A flower show of a different kind.