Heritage 2: Collect Collections

Exhibition view Heritage 2 2014, photo: David Aebi

Exhibition view Heritage 2 2014, photo: David Aebi

13. December 2014 – 25. January 2015

Projektraum Enter

In collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Thun, the ECAV develops four different installations that revolve around cultural heritage, intangible cultural assets and cultural archive in the exhibition series Heritage. The background is the more than a decade old artistic research practice of the ECAV which focuses mainly on research themes in contemporary art in the social space, in the landscape and in the periurban context.

Participating Artists Heritage 2:
Christian Boltanski, Barbara Caveng, Samuel Dématraz, Nives Widauer

Participating Collections Heritage 2:
Flechtmuseum Thun, Schlossmuseum Thun, Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de Leytron, Privatsammlungen Leytron