Heritage 4: (Un)tied to a particular land location

Exhibition view Heritage 4 2015, photo: David Aebi

Exhibition view Heritage 4 2015, photo: David Aebi

Exhibitino view Heritage 4 2015, photo: David Aebi

1. – 25. May 2015

Projektraum Enter

Manufactured living requirements become, since the 1950s, the neuralgic point of origin and arrival of modern diasporas. Drawing critical parallels between the seriality inherited from Garden Cities and Northern African kasbahs, modernist housing units are to migrations what the Ford Model T is to the car industry. Containers, pre-fabricated homes, guest houses and other modular habitats host the workers involved in the construction of standardized architecture units and standardized are, though in a more subjective sense, the houses that they dream to build at the end of the migration, once back home.

Participating Artists Heritage 4
Nico Angiuli, Ash Aravena, Janusz Baldyga, Omar Ba, Raed Ibrahim, Donna Kukama, Juozas Laivys, Mirella Salame, Thato Segoto, Nihan Somay, Laura Stasiulyte, Victoria Wigzell, Sabine ZaaleneCristian Chironi, Maëlle Cornut, Marco Fedele di Catrano, Elise Gagnebin-de Bons, Petra Köhle & Nicolas Vermot Petit-Outhenin, Sara McLaren, Tilo Steireif, Cristián Valenzuela, Luca Vitone