Hofstettenstrasse 2006

Exhibition view Hofstettenstrasse 2006

9. December 2006 – 14. January 2007


Annual Jury Exhibition of works by artists from the region

The annual exhibition "Hofstettenstrasse" takes place between Christmas and New Year's. The aim of the exhibition is to provide a survey of current art from the region and offer a platform for the most varied of positions. The exhibition is an important opportunity both for younger and less known artists and for older already established ones.

To qualify for participation, the artists must be connected with the region of Thun by the fact that they were either born and grew up there, or live and work there. Application takes place by entering a portfolio of work is which is discussed and assessed by a jury of experts. The members of the jury are elected each year by a Fine Arts Commission (Kobik).

Artists in the exhibition:
Marianne Baumann, Manuel Burgener, Erik Dettwiler, Diana Dodson, Hanspeter Gempeler, Marco Giacomoni, Alexander Güdel, Stefan Guggisberg, Filip Haag, Miriam Helfenberger, Christian Helmle, Marta Herzog, Burkhard Hilty, Béatrice Hofer-Gysin, Paul Le Grand, Reto Leibundgut, Myriam Aline Loepfe, Martin Loosli, Patrik Marcet, Jürg Maurer, Chantal Michel, Ernesto Nicolai, Olivia Notaro, Kai Rheineck, Dominik Stauch, Reto Steiner, Egle Vido, Regine von Felten, Bendicht Walthert

Members of the jury:
Alex Hanimann, Künstler, St. Gallen, Dozent HGKZ; Nadia Schneider, Direktorin Kunsthaus Glarus; Martin Lüthi / Heinrich Gartentor, Künstler, Kommission für bildende Kunst, Thun; Elisabeth Gerber, Kunsthistorikerin, Kunstkritikerin, Galeristin, Bern; Madeleine Schuppli, Direktorin Kunstmuseum Thun