inter/act: New Social Sculptures
2: San Keller, Frühwerk 1974 – 1991

Exhibition view San Keller 2012, photo: Dominique Uldry

Exhibition view San Keller 2012, photo: Dominique Uldry

30. June – 8. July 2012

Projektraum Enter

In the series inter/act: New social sculptures, the exhibition by San Keller was opened on 29 June. By the presentation of his "early work" created between 1974 and 1991, the artist questions the portrait of the artist as an auratic genius.
What does the artist’s biography signify for the reception of his work? Do we as viewers require information about his private life to enable us to position his art? Is his talent and career already manifest in his earliest childhood drawings? And how does the knowledge about the later success of the artist transform the perception of these images?

San Keller (born in Bern in 1971, lives and works in Zurich) passed on his invitation to exhibit in Kunstmuseum Thun to the collector couple Marianne and Fritz Keller, who being his parents own his entire “early work” (1974 - 1991). In 2008 the two dedicated collectors have already set up the Museum San Keller in their private apartment in Köniz near Bern ( In the project room enter, the two present a personal selection of drawings from San Keller’s childhood and youth. In addition, excerpts from his diaries are displayed.