Jérémie Gindre – Magnus bachae misterium

26. March – 25. April 2004

Projektraum Enter

Jérémie Gindre (*1978) would actually be a great story-teller, only that his narratives get embroiled in inconsistencies. The contradictory nature of his reconstructions provides an opportunity to reflect on our forms of social communication.

In his project at the Kunstmuseum Thun the artist questions how exhibitions are mounted in museums and how the viewer relates to the exhibits. This all has to do with the classical presentation and the corresponding rules of behaviour in art institutions. With the staging of his Magnus bachae misterium (The great mysterious tarpaulin, a title he translated from French into Latin) the artist intensifies and subverts these mechanisms, whereby it is unclear what is more irksome in his pseudo-museum presentation: the "how" or the "what".