Julia Steiner

Julia Steiner, Ebbe, 2007, Gouache auf Papier, 150 x 303 cm, Courtesy die Künstlerin

15. March – 9. April 2007

Projektraum Enter

Julia Steiner (*1982) studies visual design at the Hochschule der Künste in Berne. In the medium of drawing – and in terms both of technique and of content – she has developed a style very much of her own. She uses a brush to apply very dry gouache to the paper, which results in a subtle and varied structure. Dark and light, black and white, drawing and emptiness enter into a constant and interesting dialogue. Although Steiner remains true to figuration, she nevertheless transports the viewer into a realm of dream and fantasy based not only on thoughts, memories and ideas, but also on scenes from international literature. She does not sketch out a composition in advance, but works spontaneously, with improvisation, and usually in large formats. This spontaneous working process is expressed in the dynamic-gestural character of her works. Although spaces emerge, they remain open and could be extended infinitely. In the work Schweif she presents two figures in a space made up of cloud-like structures. The tail referred to in the title grows surreally from the sitting figure. A narrative is merely hinted at; what happens next is left to the viewer's imagination.