labor 1: Linda Herzog

Exhibition view Labor 1 2011

12. February – 3. April 2011

Projektraum Enter

The project room enter at the Kunstmuseum Thun becomes a laboratory for a year and is involved in the research conducted by artists: What could artistic research be? How do artists research? What topics are explored? Does art become an instrument of research work or does it remain a result? How are the results achieved in these projects assessed by the collaborators and research partners in business, politics and society? And what is the social status accorded to artistic research?

The five part exhibition series laboratory: Exhibition series on artistic research is a cooperative venture of the Institute for Contemporary Arts Research (IFCAR) of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and the Kunstmuseum Thun.

The Berlin-based Swiss photographer Linda Herzog presents the photographs resulting from her research project Parallel (working title, since 2008) for the first time under the title Why isn't life beautiful? The pictures show scenes from the lives of people with Turkish migration background living in Berlin and draw nearer to what is usually meant by the term "parallel society".
Parallel is the continuation of the first research project MiHRiBAN (2004-2007), for which Linda Herzog lived in Turkey for three years, learned the language and where she studied the different realities within Turkish society using the methods of documentary photography. In the current project the local studies of MiHRiBAN are now carried over into a larger context. The focus of the studies is the issue of the existence of a parallel society – or a parallel world – and how far the conditions in Berlin can be compared to those in Turkey. Besides these substantive issues, Herzog also thematises the possibilities and limits of photography to represent such complex socio-political context.