laboratory 2: Indirect experiences. A project from the Journal für Kunst, Sex und Mathematik

Ausstellungsansicht Labor 2, Foto: David Aebi

Exhibition view Labor 2, photo: David Aebi

21. April – 22. May 2011

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With the project Indirect experiences, the focus in laboratory 2 is on an ongoing research situation (project duration: August 2010-11). In contrast to conventional projects, the research process is basically always visible and traceable. The artists Judith Albert, Barbara Ellmerer and Yves Netzhammer as well as the media theorist and project director Nils Röller continually publish their work in the blog Journal für Kunst, Sex und Mathematik (Journal for Art, Sex and Mathematics) ( The blog is not only used as a communication platform, but also as a research tool, and occupies a central position within the project.