Loredana Sperini

Loredana Sperini

3. July – 17. August 2003

Projektraum Enter

Loredana Sperini works with needle and thread, embroidering strange images on starched snow-white fabrics, such as serviettes or cushion covers. She uses side-tables as presentation stands for her embroidered fabrics. There they lie, white, starched and ironed, apparently harmless, yet on closer inspection frightening. The schematic images that emerge from the white of the fabric are aesthetic and atmospheric disruptions that lend tension to the pictures. The powerful energy of the images in Sperini's work contrasts with the slow and disciplined craft of embroidery, creating a tense balance.

The figurative representations are the fruit of a longer process. Based on her own portrait-photographs, Sperini does drawings which she then further develops into embroidered images. What happens between this double change of medium can only be surmised.