Matteo Terzaghi & Marco Zürcher

Exhibition view Terzahi & Zürcher 2005

10. July – 18. September 2005

Projektraum Enter

The two young artists from Ticino have a particular weakness for books and illustrations, which may have to do with their professional experiences in visual design and publishing. They take their images and texts from magazines, family albums, fiction and non-fiction books. For the projection Cinema per principianti (Cinema for beginners) they collated images from books of the kind usually to be found in most households: popular science books, cookery books, instruction books for household appliances, physical training or handicrafts; the photo-romance story is also included. Some of the individual images in the video projection are arranged to move like a flip-book, others are related formally or thematically. The projection gives the image sequence a narrative dimension which the soundtrack both supports, but also ironically superimposes. The images are arranged associatively, without forming a consistent narrative sequence. This meeting of different motifs, modes of depiction and realms of life creates poetic links and unexpected irony.

Matteo Terzaghi (1970) studied philosophy at the University of Geneva and wrote his dissertation on the languages of art. Marco Zürcher (1969) attended the Kunstgewerbeschule in Lugano and worked for several years in renowned graphics studios in London and New York. Since 1995 the two have been doing regular joint art projects and so far have published two children's books. They were awarded the Swiss Prize for Art twice (2003 and 2005).