Mirjam Helfenberger

Exhibition view Mirjam Helfenberger 2005, photo: David Aebi

29. April – 22. May 2005

Projektraum Enter

The focal point of the exhibition is a large image with countless red lanterns hanging on trees against the dark night sky. A gust of wind would seem to have passed through the brilliant orange globes causing them to vibrate and thus to exude an electrifying, sultry, almost feverish atmosphere. Some important parameters in Mirjam Helfenberger's painting are concentrated in this work: the fragile atmosphere, the concentrated moment, meaningful light and temporality. Taking visible reality as her starting point, the artist seeks to transpose the images to another level.

Mirjam Helfenberger (Lausanne *1966) studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Berne; she lives and works in Thun.