Musée CoCo

Exhibition view Musée CoCO 2006, photo: David Aebi

15. April – 14. May 2006

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Musée CoCo – Museum of Accomplices and Collaborators is an exhibition mounted in the tradition of the Cabinet of Curiosities, curated and presented by Les Complices*, the exhibition space in Zurich. Andrea Thal and Jean-Claude Freymond-Guth have invited Swiss artist-couples and collectives to illustrate their particular collaboration form, working technique, organisational structure or mode of communication, in brief, their artistic team-work, by means of an object. Half of the works on show have been created specially for the Musée CoCo. Together, the works examine a concept of collective authorship, without any aspiration to being an exhaustive study.

Artists involved: Andreas Lutz/Anders Guggisberg, Mickry 3, Claudia und Julia Müller, Gerda Steiner/Jörg Lenzlinger among others.