Olaf Nicolai
"Odds and Ends" - Edition Room

Exhibition view Olaf Nicolai 2004

24. September – 24. October 2004

Projektraum Enter

This is the first time an internationally famous artist is exhibiting works in the Projektraum enter. Given the unpretentious format in which Olaf Nicolai's presents his "Odds and Ends", it is perfectly in keeping with the programme of this experimental exhibition space.

Olaf Nicolai (Germany, *1962) lives in Berlin. He exhibited at the Kunstmuseum Thun last year already in the context of the group exhibition "Gesellschaftsbilder". With "Odds and Ends" he is presenting a selection of editions, i.e., works produced in larger or smaller editions and therefore not one-offs. Nicolai's editions are directly related however to his larger projects or installations through the fact that they represent them or could serve as instructions for use in realising them. The Edition Room resembles a "retrospective from out of a box" which, in miniature form, renders conceptional and formal relationship between different works tangible. In its arrangement of wallpapers, items of clothing, a carpet or perfume, posters, publications and souvenirs, "Odds and Ends" seems like a private interior on public display. Some of the editions are interactive in their approach, in that the objects can be used: T-shirts to put on, jotters for children to paint in, or matches to strike. As a result of the commonplace, sometimes almost casual character of the editions art here liberates itself from its aura.