online 2: norbert möslang + markus steiner > bot_ppm

Exhibition view Online 2 2010

1. May – 27. June 2010

Projektraum Enter

In the second exhibition of the series online, Norbert Möslang and Markus Steiner present their work bot_ppm.

The word 'bot' is derived from 'robot' and denotes a computer programme that autonomously runs a specific, repetitive task. Exactly that is also done by the image collection system self-programmed by the artists. It automatically browses the Internet, follows the links on the websites respectively and collects the images. If the programme cannot find a link to continue surfing, it goes back to the previously visited sites and from there searches a new path.

In the exhibition room the images collected by the robot are projected on the walls in large size. Beginning at the local site of the Thun daily paper Thuner Tagblatt, the image search engine soon ends up in the worldwide network and shows the pictures that can be seen there. The log file meanwhile presents the silent and automated work of the bot in the background and its search for the path through the jungle of the World Wide Web.

Curators: Helen Hirsch, Aurelia Müller