online 5: Johanna Dombois Ring-Studie 01 | Rheingold, Vorspiel

Exhibition view Online 5 2010/11, photo: David Aebi

Exhibition view Online 5 2010/11, photo: David Aebi

19. December 2010 – 23. January 2011

Projektraum Enter

In the fifth and the last exhibition of the series online, the director Johanna Dombois presents her work Ring-Studie 01 | Rheingold, Vorspiel. Johanna Dombois works at the interface between the opera and new media. The Ring-Studie 01 | Rheingold, Vorspiel is a digital music visualisation of the orchestral prelude to the famous opera Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner.

The work was staged at the online computer game platform Second Life®, in the area of the . From there we are taken on a tour of a digitally (re)constructed Utopia – beginning in the waves of the Rhine and finishing at the stage of the specially reconstructed Zurich Opera House. A medialised world hereby becomes the mirror of a traditional theatrical spatial imagination.

Johanna Dombois utilises the new media and technological aesthetics for the contemporary implementation of classical opera content. She experiments with digitally generated pictorial spaces and with it pursues – starting from the illusory space of the opera – basic questions about shifting perceptions and overlapping of our realities in analogue and digital environments.

Curators: Helen Hirsch and Aurelia Müller