Rund-um-Blicke: Wir bauen die Zukunft

Project Rund-um-Blicke

12. September – 29. November 2015


Marquard Wocher painted his cyclorama around 200 years ago, not for the people of Thun, but for the curious onlookers in Basel who came from all over the world. Thus today fifth graders of the Neuenegg primary school travel to Thun and for a year occupy themselves with the cyclorama, “Das Panorama von Thun“. These are small time travels: The students not only delve into the past, but also create a utopian vision of the future. The children will be guided in the teaching by teachers of the most varied subjects. Some lessons are designed by creative artists such as the artist Dan Reusser, the musician Samuel Baur, the dance teacher Prisca Beuchat, or the futurologist Joël Luc Cachelin. The exhibition provides an insight into the project and shows in a large panorama, how Thun could look like in 200 years. The project is a collaboration with the Neuenegg primary school, awarded in the “tête-à-tête“ competition within the Education and Culture programme by the Department of Education of the Canton of Bern.