Stefan Guggisberg – Drawings

Stefan Guggisberg

26. May – 19. June 2005

Projektraum Enter

Stefan Guggisberg (*1980) will present a new group of works specially created for the exhibition at the Projektraum enter. The large drawings each show a dancing figure: women and men jumping into the air, turning on their own axis, falling on their knees and wriggling their arms and legs.

Formally, the figure are isolated in the large space offered to them by the otherwise empty sheet. In terms of mood, the isolation is equally intense. Each figure is lost in thought, dancing for themselves. Their eyes are concealed by their flowing hair, they are turned physically away, no facial features can be recognised. The dances seem oriented around a purely inner and not outer impact. The physical state of these persons is almost one of trance. At the same time their expression points to something almost mystical.