Uphill. Marquard Wocher’s mountainscapes yesterday and today

Niesen, Foto: Kunstmuseum Thun

24. March – 1. April 2018

The young Englishwoman Jemima Morell mentioned the mountains of the Bernese Oberland with reverent and enthusiastic amazement. As one of the first package tourists, she discovered Switzerland and the Alps in 1863 – a new phenomenon. For until the 17th century, the high mountains were shunned and were considered inaccessible places of dread and horror. The exhibition Uphill attends to the changing attitude towards the Alps. Through the experiences of ten historical personalities from research, art, tourism and alpinism in the Bernese Oberland, the exhibition shows the beginning of the mountain enthusiasm that continues to this day. To run concurrently with the exhibition, two projects are being created involving people from Aeschi and the Niesen. Exhibitions with works from the Kunstmuseum’s collection on today’s perception of the mountains are realised on site. Traces of these projects will be visible in the Thun-Panorama.