We proudly present…
The Kunstmuseum Thun Collection

Exhibition view We proudly present... 2012, photo: Dominique Uldry

Exhibition view We proudly present... 2012, photo: Dominique Uldry

Exhibition view We proudly present... 2012, photo: Dominique Uldry

Exhibitino view We proudlly present... 2012, photo: Dominique Uldry

28. July – 30. September 2012


The collection forms both the backbone and the soul of Kunstmuseum Thun. Annually we select gems from the stock of more than 7000 works and proudly present them in a separate exhibition with a specific topic. But who knows how the collection actually looks or what it takes in terms of human, material or even monetary resources? The Kunstmuseum Thun uses this year's collection exhibition to reflect on issues brought to surface by its own collection. As a starting point the museum takes a critical look at its own stock.

What are the tasks and functions of a municipal collection? How strongly should the regional art dominate the inventory? And in what form and how often is a collection best presented in an exhibition? Even though it is not always so easy to answer such questions, the discussion about it is always exciting. To allow such reflections at all, Kunstmuseum Thun with We proudly present … makes its own collection the topic of the exhibition and for once shows it from a completely different angle.
It is an objective of the exhibition to give the audience a good and honest insight into the collection. Thus, along with the highlights, works that have never been shown before or at least not shown for many years are exhibited. For example, thematic emphases such as landscapes or vistas of the city and surrounding areas of Thun are shown in individual rooms. A part of the exhibition with works selected at random also displays a kind of cross section of the collection.

However, the presentation also deals with various aspects relevant to the collection. Original documents and art works of the first director of the art collection in the City of Thun, the painter Alfred Glaus, provide a close understanding of the beginnings of both the museum and the collection. Photographs by Miriam Fluri and the transfer of a portion of the depot to the exhibition space reveal how the in-house treasures are stored. And a selection of works, whose purchase was a particular pleasure for the current director and her two predecessors, give insight into the strategies for expanding the collection. The exhibition is complemented by video interviews of personalities from Thun by Stephan Meylan (value) as well as by brief statistical information, by which the Kunstmuseum answers specific questions about the collection.