Exhibition view 2000, photo: Christian Helmle

4. – 28. May 2000

Projektraum Enter is a virtual culture forum that focuses on the Swiss art scene, but with international participation. is a web magazine, shopping mall, and a laboratory for an artistic engagement with the Internet. It publishes art projects, online catalogues and cultural critical texts. has a clear intellectual and aesthetic bias and purposely chooses the projects it publicises. Current xcult statistics indicate 10,000 hits per month.

Presenting in the exhibition series enter represented a challenge at several levels. For one thing, the Internet as an art venue is presumably a new experience for a large section of the audience. For another, it raises the question of how net-art can be exhibited at all in a museum context. Markus Schwander has developed an installation in which, on the one hand, the audience can access at computer stations and look at the various works, and on the other, objects actually exhibited in the room can also be found on the Internet as virtual objects. Thus real and virtual reality are confronted with one another.

The authors, artists, organisers:
Anna Annen, Akkumulator, Stefan Banz, Barbara Basting, Carlo Bernoulli, Paolo Bianchi, Beat Brogle, Elisabeth Bronfen, Markus Buser, Renate Buser, Bozena Civic, Cargo Cult, Florian Cramer, Copa & Sordes, Hans-Christian Dany, Davix, Dewil, Diolio, Christoph Doswald, Susanne Fankhauser, Sibylle Feucht, Max Frei, Claude Gaçon, Martin Grether, Claudia Güdel, Philipp Gasser, Samuel Herzog, Andreas Hess, Justin Hoffmann, @home, Hubbard / Birchler, Esther Hunziker, Robert Ireland, k3000, Daniela Keiser, Birgit Kempker, Beat Klein / Hendrikje Kuehne, Friederike Kretzen, Eva Kubiniy, Der Kunstabwart, Daniel Kurjakovic, Simone Kurz, Simon Lamunière, Lang / Baumann, Junghae Lee, Heinrich Lueber, Andres Lutz, Catherine Lutz-Walthard, Mikko Maasalo, Erstes Manifest grosser und angesehener Künstlerinnen, Hansjörg Marti, Matthias Michalka, Akihito Morishita, MGK BS: check in!, Neues Kino, Linda Neutral, Nonlieux, Edit Oderbolz + Los tres Lulus, P.O.BOX, René Pulfer, relax, Hans Renggli, Giaco Schiesser, Laurent Schmid, Christian Schoch, Tina Schöpflin, Madeleine Schuppli, Markus Schwander, Valentin Spiess, Felix Stalder, Juri Steiner, Miriam Steinhauser, Christoph Storz, Reinhard Storz, Marion Strunk, Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg, Doris Traubenzucker, Emanuel Tschumi, Philip Ursprung, Via, Theodora Vischer, Brena Wallace, Thomas Wulffen, Annelise Zwez