Visual wonders. Trickery, deception & illusion

Illustration: Michael Furler

5. May – 1. December 2019


Humans have been fascinated by optical illusions for hundreds of years. Garden-shed inventors dupe their audience with trickery and deception and use their amazing viewing devices to astonish their onlookers, make them laugh and send shivers down their spine. Inventions such as the peep box, praxinoscope and flip-book were groundbreaking stages in the process of developing static images into moving images. From the 1780s, panoramas set a milestone in the creation of illusionary worlds - the first mass media of their time. In today’s digital world, such visual wonders and optical illusions have lost none of their magic - virtual reality is not a modern invention.

In the first cooperative venture between the Bourbaki Panorama in Lucerne and the Thun-Panorama, this two-part exhibition is dedicated to our fascination with optical achievements and invites you to explore them with your own eyes. Installations by Seico, the artist collective from Lucerne, offer a contemporary interpretation, and students from the Lucerne School of Art and Design complement the historical visual wonders with current perspectives.

Exhibition Bourbaki Panorama: 9 May – 1 December 2019

With generous support of: Stadt Luzern, Regionalkonferenz Kultur Region Luzern, Stadt Thun, Kanton Bern, Kulturförderung Region Thun, Energie Thun, Vivat, Seepark Thun Congress Hotel, Vetter Druck, Migros Kulturprozent / Genossenschaft Migros Luzern and other supporters