Christine Streuli
Lange Arme, kurze Beine

Heavy File, 2019, Mixed Media on canvas, 500 x 800 cm

Christine Streuli, Kies, 2005, Mixed Media on canvas, 180 x 140 cm.

Christine Streuli, Nightshade_04, 2017, Mixed media on
canvas, 230 x 300 cm.

29. February – 12. July 2020


The extensive body of work of Swiss artist Christine Streuli (*1975, in Berne) appeals to viewers with colourful, mostly monumental allover paintings, which draw on a rich vocabulary of symbols, quotes, patterns, motifs and ornaments. The vividly coloured and energetic works and installations attract the audience, but also raise important, contemporary questions about nature and the craft of painting, as well as the examination of the flood of images surrounding us all.

Opening: 28 February, from 6.30 pm