Backgrounds and details in a painting can be newly experienced using audioguides. One- to two-minute background stories that refer to selected topics and details in the panorama can be heard via headphones in German, English and French. Discover the legend of the Blüemlisalp, the school system 200 years ago or the oldest hotel in Thun. There is a special guided tour in vernacular by the former Thun town archivist Dr. Jon Keller. The audioguide is available free of cost at the ticket counter.

Jon Keller und Samuel Baur bei den Aufnahmen des Audioguides auf Berndeutsch. Foto: David Oesch


In the rotunda one can explore the cyclorama part by part on touch screens. In a digital reproduction the public can zoom into unknown sections at the monitors and find out about things like the beehives in the Bällizer Gardens.